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Are you a Lean and Agile/DevOps enthusiast? Get inspired!

Innovation has become more important than ever. Why should you accelerate it with DevOps, Agile and Lean? Let’s Manage IT Foundation CEO and Lean IT Forum founder Krzysztof Kozakiewicz, convinces that combining these three methodologies can lead to success and help to achieve competitive advantage in IT organization.

What is Lean IT Forum?

It is an international, single day event that aims at creating a unique place for people to share their ideas, knowledge and gain awareness on how to build a modern, Lean IT Enterprise – an innovative organization that responds to customer business, understands trends and allows its customers to become digital leaders.

Lean IT Forum 2018

Why is  the fusion of Lean IT, Agile and DevOps important?

All three approaches are well known in the IT Industry. However, all of them have their foundation in Lean manufacturing, Toyota production systems etc. We can easily identify common principles eg. focus on value, empowering people, eliminating the waste and techniques like KanBan, Valuse stream map etc. Some organizations use one single approach while other blend them and come up with their own, very best, mixed set of practices. Our goal is to show how these practices overlap and how they can be combined and incorporated into IT organizations in order to accelerate innovation.

What do you mean by “accelerating innovation”?

The world is crazy. We can observe thousands or millions of changes in our environment every single day. 5-10 years back, the main focus was on the quality of IT Solutions. Agile was a good response – working iteratively, close to the customer, it helped to improve quality. Yet another problem occurred: IT was not able to implement new features or products into the production environment within the short amount of time. This is why another lean concepts like Lean IT and DevOps started to grow and expand. It all began in smaller, faster and younger organizations like Netflix, Flickr and then these concepts were “copied” to the enterprise. Accelerating innovation means to create a culture and set of practices to allow designing, developing and implementing new ideas, great products in a faster manner. We strongly believe that having an effective and efficient IT organization is one of the prerequisites for any business to become innovative. We would like to share this idea with Lean IT Forum participants.

Who are the speakers?

Only practitioners. We will have keynote speeches to inspire and show a wider perspective, but the rest of the agenda will be focused on workshops and case studies. We aim to invite IT Managers to share their stories. Preferable story is on how they applied lean approaches (Lean IT, Agile and/or DevOps) to build a very responsive and high quality IT organization. To balance our agenda, we invite representatives from various industries: financial, healthcare, e-commerce, production, media etc.

In brief, Lean IT Forum means…

… more practice, more knowledge, more content! The possibility to choose what you prefer to take away from this event. If someone would like to change the format, instead of listening to the presented case study, there will be an opportunity to take part in one of 3 practical and highly interactive workshops (90 minutes each).

What are 3 things that make this event special?

Speakers. People. Atmosphere. It doesn’t sound new, but actually there are not many places and events which bring this kind of combination. We invest our time to build a unique program, that is vendor and product-neutral, focused on knowledge sharing, based on real-life case studies.

We expect to have around 150 attendees, enthusiasts of Lean thinking and Agile/DevOps movement, willing to share their thoughts and looking for new ideas.

We create a friendly and intimate environment that encourages meeting new people, talking with speakers, forgetting about goals and problems at work, staying relaxed, focused and mindful. The participants should spend a great day and leave fully charged and inspired.


Lean IT Forum 2018 – March 21, Cracow, Poland

International, single day conference that brings DevOps, Lean IT and Agile community together. The goal is to share ideas, exchange knowledge and meet new people. No theory, focusing on hands-on experience and cases, which illustrate Lean approaches applied in IT context. Success stories on how to accelerate change and achieve competitive advantage, shared by innovation champions. Special guest – Mike Orzen, the godfather of Lean IT.

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