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I am Speaker at IT Manager of Tommorow 2021 - Agnieszka Światowa

We present you an interview with Agnieszka Światowa a speaker at the IT Manager of Tomorrow 2021 conference. Agnieszka works at Discovery Inc as VP Technology and Innovation. 

What are yours daily challenges as IT Manager?

These days daily routines at work are pretty routine :) I spent far more time checking out on my team in various 1on1s, spontaneous Zoom calls, Leadership meetings at least once a week. I have added to my calendar 3 times a week exercising to make sure I balance my energy right.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in at work?

Although I have always considered myself a pro in virtual team meetings and management I feel that the physical distance is the biggest challenge in having faster turnaround whilst running projects, RFIs with new vendors etc. I also struggle to keep focus for the whole day juggling multiple responsibilities at home and work. But this is more less common to all of us in pandemic times

Aga Światowa ITMT 21

What has changed in your work in 2020?

I actually did change my job in 2020 :) Gave it lots of thinking before the final decision was made but I do not regret it at all. I guess I was kind of lucky as I was working in global virtual teams since 2007 and have lots of experience already. Still joining Discovery in full remote onboarding was quite an experience.New call-to-action

What kind of IT Manager are you?  People Leader, Tech Leader or Business Leader?

Whoever has been working with me would def say I am putting people first. I love taking care of others, seeing them develop, grow and fulfill career aspirations. Tech has been always in my life, my dad is an engineer and has always surrounded his family with newest tech, my brother is a programmer... so you see where it's all coming from.

Who is the IT Manager of Tomorrow for you?

I would love to see more IT Managers becoming People Leaders and understanding that effective communication matters now more than ever. I think you need to stay close to business and blend this knowledge with tech capabilities that result in innovation. Be brilliant at the basics and then leave room for innovation to follow.

Priority for the IT Manager

As above I think when we are playing an IT Manager role the first expectation is that operations that we run are smooth and experience seamless. But behind the scenes what everyone is really expecting is the innovation, being ahead of the business guys and proposing solutions before they even think about them.

What are the topics in business management are close to you?

If you get a chance to read some of my posts in HBR blog online you will get a grasp of what is Aga into. Since I was little kid I loved challenging the status quo and drive things forward. This is still living inside me :) As said before I am People Lead first of all, so I am def into Thought Leadership, Holacracy, Diversity and Inclusion, Agile manifesto, DevOps.

Topics to talk about with you on the conference: 

You can discuss with me all topics related to virtual team management, digital wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, HR Technology of the future

Agnieszka Światowa ITMT21

One interesting fact about you that we do not know yet:

As a geek mum I can disconnect Lego bricks without using my teeth :) as well as imitate accents in foreign languages so I am being taken for a local in Spain or Ireland. 

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